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flaunt yer pussy & purr...

she's the bomb
18 February
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It was time to move on. I write in here now.
abortion rights, adult swim, alternative medicine, anime porn, art, astrology, bad porn, bbw, bettie page, birds of prey, black and white photography, body modification, body piercing, book stores, caffeine, cemeteries, charles bukowski, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, comedy, comedy central, crafts, crime scene photography, crochet, curvy girls, dane cook, digital photography, divination, diy, dollar stores, drag queens, drawing, embroidery, empathy, english bulldogs, family guy, feminism, fetish photography, fiber arts, forensics, french, good conversation, graphic design, greg behrendt, hair, haunted new england, haunted ri, hauntings, hentai, herbal remedies, herbalism, jewelry making, kevin smith, knitting, knives, laughing, learning, learning new laguages, live music, lobe stretching, macrame, making clothes, marijuana, marilyn monroe, masturbation, mercy brown, midwifery, mitch hedburg, music, my vagina, natural medicine, nature, nip/tuck, nudity, old cars, organic body jewelry, orgasms, paganism, painting, palmistry, paranormal, patchwork, photography, pin up girls, poetry, porn, prochoice, queer issues, queer rights, quilting, reading, ri vampires, runes, salvador dali, self-love, sewing, sex, sex toys, sexuality, smoking, spanish, stand up comedy, stephen lynch, tank girl, tarot cards, tasseography, tattooing, the golden girls, the learning channel, the occult, the ocean, thrift stores, traditional tattoos, weapons, witchcraft, women, women's rights, world of warcraft, writing, yarn, yarn crafts